1917 white - yellowstone park bus
Above: seat backs and rear panels fabricated prior to priming and final installation
Below : body & seat back panels fabricated and installated onto the body
This is essentially a body only restoration of the coachbuilt body of a 1917 White model TEB which was originally used in Yellowstone National Park as a Tour bus. We are fabricating all external body panels, seat backs, and other misc pieces along with all paint and body work. The wood body structure was redone, I believe, in the early 70's and repaired recently. To my knowledge only minor mechanical restoration has been done as this was a running vehicle when bought by the current owner.
Below are photos of the body panels bodyworked before priming and aluminum T-trim being installed on doors.
Below are some pictures of the body and doors with the 1/2 oval trim tacked onto the body, seat backs and the upper doors, as well as the 1/2 oval T-Trim attached to the door edges.
The first 2 pictures below show trim mismatches on doors and the third shows door reveal issue on the body. The pictures following those show the corrected door trim - adjustments were made to all door T-Trims and all upper door reveals were shaved to match the trim radius.
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